Our values

We all have distinctive identities, nationalities, styles and areas of specialisation; but we meet on a common ground: The way we behave is led by our values.

Masterac is a multi-cultural network of independent business professionals who have high standards of service. International culture of Masterac enables to analyse and provide services within a broad framework and technical knowledge, in which experience sharing becomes the most important strength of Masterac advisors.

Masterac promotes analytical thinking and approach of its network advisors for the most efficient solutions to clients.

One of the most important criteria of a Masterac network advisor is being experienced and skilled for the specific services she/he provides.

Our advisors have powerful credentials from our clients and other business professionals via a letter of recommendation; therefore, we value trusted advisors of the network.

Masterac places a high emphasis on ethical standards and independence. No personal or financial interest is welcomed before, during and after the services provided. Each Masterac advisor is responsible for the services and recommendations provided when they work for a client. A lot of importance is given to the confidentiality and privacy of all kinds of client-related data. Integrity, responsibility, proficiency and justice are other ethical standards of Masterac.

Masterac advisors depend on realistic, accessible and sound analysis, recommendations and solutions to clients. Therefore, all the solutions are optimised, tailor-made and exclusive based on the clients’ size, sectoral and cultural reality.

Masterac believes every business requirement of clients is an achievable target through multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary high skilled advisors.

As the network advisors of Masterac are independent and boutique professionals, they are committed and involved closely and personally in the business operations of clients. Masterac is also committed in the efficient coordination of its advisors worldwide. Therefore, timely delivery of our services is the most important feature of Masterac.